Why my community was hidden?

A community may be hidden if the community:

  1. The name of the community does not describe the specialized content, the name of the community must match the meaning and the value of the community.
  2. The name of the community contains the word "Baz", it is forbidden to use the word "Baaz" or any official products without permission or official authorization.
  3. The community name should be in the Arabic language.
  4. The description of the community is not clear or does not exist. The description of the community must describe the community and its goals and should relate to the community name.
  5. The Community Category is not related to the Name, and or community description, Make sure that you select a category that matches the community subject and category.
  6. If a violation is detected or reported against The Community standards or Baaz Terms of service rules.
  7. If the community has had no active posts for the last 24 hours.
  8. If you did not add an avatar photo to your community within the last 72 hours.

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