What are the conditions to get money from Reward invitation?

The participant and recipient should meet the below requirements:
  1. The invitation sender must have a verified account.
  2. The registered account by the Participant must not be an existing user on the Platform.
  3. The recipient of the invitation must create a new account on Baaz by using a Mobile number and insert the Referral invitation code in its field.
  4. The created new account of the recipient should not be created from the same mobile phone as the sender or the same network address (IP).
  5. The created new account of the recipient should be a real account with activities on Baaz.
  6. Baaz will award a number of units that can be redeemed amount, with a maximum of $100 (one hundred US dollars) per month.
  7. ُِEligible Users from the below countries are allowed:
  • Eygpt
  • Jordan
Note: Baaz has the right to change or amend the covered countries from time to time that accordance with Baaz Reward program.
  • Baaz reserves the right to any compensation, including cancellation of the Participant's account or accounts registered by the Participant, or canceling it as a qualified invitation for the purposes of estimating the financial return and to cancel or change the financial return in the event of suspected fraud, manipulation, technical errors, violations of these conditions or Terms of service, privacy policy, and Baz community standards, and in the event that the participant or the participant’s account committed a violation on the Baz platform, which resulted in the suspension or termination of his account.
  • Baaz may suspend, terminate or change the Referral Program, or suspend the ability of a Participant or accounts registered by a Participant to participate in the Referral Program at any time in Bazz's sole discretion. Baaz may also modify or update the terms of the referral program, rewards, cash back, and/or points/units at any time during the campaign period at its sole discretion. The amended or updated Terms will be posted and effective upon posting or otherwise as dated.
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