How Do I verify my account using ID Verification?

Account verification By ID is an automated function when the user completes all required steps.
To get the verification  badge, follow and fulfill the following steps:

You can start to verify your account by following the required steps from below:
  • If your account reaches the " Bronze " level in Baaz points.
  • If you are one of the participant's users in Baaz reward program, once you complete your referrals you will be able to verify your account before submitting your first claim.

1- In the verification process wizard choose your Country, select the Document type then tap Next.


2- Follow the instructions and start verifying your account then Tap on "Get Started"
Note: Avoid excessive backlighting and glare.

3- Capture the front side of your ID. Once the process is successful, tap on "Next"

4- Capture the backside of your ID. Once the process is succeeded, tap on " Next".
Note: This step is required if your ID selection and type require back-side capturing.

5- Take your Selfie photo, once the process success tap on "Next".
Note: Move your head to the left side.
Note: Smile to the camera to capture your selfie.

6- The last step, is to confirm the captured selfie photo, Tap "Submit"

7- Tap on "OK" to complete your request.

8- You will receive a notification from Baaz when your verification request.

Note: Before taking a selfie, remove your glasses / Hat if found and avoid any excessive backlighting.
Note: Processing verification may take up to 48 Hours, you will receive a notification about the status of your verification.
Note: Currently you can start verifying your account when your account reaches the "Bronze" level, or when you complete your referrals of Baaz reward program, before submitting your claim the verification window asks you to verify your account.
Note: You should get the last version of Baaz application to start our new verification process, get the last version update throw (Google Play, Huawei App Gallery, App Store)

If You face any trouble in verifying the process or have a question you can contact our Support Team at

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