What are the main Baaz features?

Baaz delivers a unique mix of social networks, trending stories, messaging, and more.

1. On Baazline you will see updates of your contacts in Baaz, 

2. In the Featured stories section you can find the latest and most popular stories around the world. You can filter stories by country and topic, such as politics, business, sports, entertainment, and others. This allows you to personalize trending stories with news that sparks your interest. You can also follow, post, and share stories on social media and with your friends on Baaz and much more.

3. In the Messages section you will see all your conversations on Baaz. You can also send and discuss posts and stories as messages to your Baaz friends in 1-on-1 and group conversations.

4. On your Profile you will see your updates, links and photos which shared from all of your friends and trending stories.

5. In Settings you can add and edit your profile information, upload your avatar and profile cover picture, change your username, change site language and manage your privacy options and notifications.

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