How is Baaz different from other social networks?

Baaz delivers a unique mix of social aggregation, trending stories, messaging and general social networking.

Aggregation of social accounts:

On Baaz, you can connect your accounts from over 150 social media networks, filter your news feed through a set of personalized and robust filters, and browse and interact with your feeds and friends in one place.

Trending stories:

We deliver to you the latest and most popular stories from social media around the world. You can filter stories by country and topic, such as politics, business, sports, entertainment and others. This allows to personalize trending stories with news that spark your interest. You can also follow and post in stories, share them with your friends on Baaz and other social networks, and much more.


Baaz makes it easy to share and discuss latest news and trending stories in 1-on-1 and group messaging, forming interactive and vibrant communities around different topics.

Social networking:

We combine all these features allowing you to create an aggregated social profile and find friends with the same interests.

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