What is the difference between connecting Twitter, Instagram or YouTube and connecting other 150+ social networks?

Twitter and YouTube are connected to Baaz via their public APIs, which allows deeper integration compared to other supported networks on Baaz:

§  Twitter connection automatically imports your tweets and tweets from the people you follow on Twitter (visible only to you on your Baazline), allows you to like, reply and retweet Twitter posts, publish your posts and photos on Twitter and share posts from others to Twitter.

§  YouTube connection automatically imports videos from your subscriptions on YouTube (visible only to you on your Baazline).

The other 150+ social networks are connected to Baaz via RSS. From these networks, we only import your personal updates, i.e. your "profile feed" without your "news feed" with the updates of your contacts. You are also not able to post updates to these services from Baaz.

We are working on connecting more services via their APIs, which will allow you to see updates and content of your contacts, post to these networks from Baaz, and more. Please send us your suggestions via Contact Support form or to help@baaz.com.

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