Can I connect a Facebook page or group?

Yes, you certainly can! You can connect up to 4 Facebook pages on Baaz, and you will be able to post and share to the page through Baaz. Currently, you can only connect Facebook pages through the web service, and this feature will be available soon on the mobile APP. 


 You should have a connected Facebook account on Baaz before adding a Facebook page
 You should be an admin on that Facebook page

To add a Facebook page:-

For Desktop:

1.At the top right corner of the Baazline page click on  icon

2.On "Social Accounts" page,  a "+" button should appear next to Facebook account’s logo

3. Once clicked, a pop-up window will appear listing all Facebook pages associated with that user

 You can select multiple Facebook pages to connect
The Facebook page will appear under the Facebook account
 All the newly connected pages are Private (Only Me) by default. By ticking the box next to the page, you can change the privacy setting to Public (Everyone).

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