How do I manage my Baaz push notification for my iOS device?

To manage your Baaz push notifications on iOS devices settings:

Go to Settings > Notifications and select an app.

For iOS devices, apps notifications can have the following formats:

  • Banners: Banner alerts appear at the top of the screen and disappear automatically. You can reply to the banner.

  • Alerts: With Alerts, you need to act before you can move on. Depending on the app, you can dismiss the alert or reply to it.

  • Badges: A Badge is the red number that appears on an app icon and shows you how many notifications you have for that app.

  • Sounds: these are sounds that alert you when you receive a notification.

To manage your Baaz push notifications on Baaz App settings:

1. Tap on Profile on the bottom bar.

2. Tap on the Settings icon on the top right corner.

3. Tap on Notification:

  1. Control your Mobile Notifications.

4. Tap on Done at the bottom right corner.

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