Quick Starting Guide for Mobile

The following first steps will help you get started on Baaz.

You will learn how to:-

  • Browse and manage your social feeds
  • Engage in trending stories from around the world
  • Discuss the latest news with your friends in group conversations

Step A: Create a Baaz Account:

1. Install Baaz app on your IOS or Android device and launch it.
2. Allow Baaz to use your gallery pictures.
3. Check Baaz highlights which shows the main features of the app
4. Sign up with either your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube account or your email address/phone number.
5. Enter your information and follow the instructions to create your Baaz account.
6. Confirm your email address to finalize the sign-up process.

Step B: Add Social Networks:

Connect your accounts from different social networks to view and interact, on Baaz, with your social feeds from these networks. You can connect up to six accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and up to 20 accounts from other social networks.

1. Once you have registered, you will be guided through the most important features of the app.
2. Tap on the button to add a network.
3. Click on the social network you would like to connect.

4. Select a privacy option for your posts that are exported from this network.

5. You will be either redirected to this network for authorization (for Twitter and YouTube) or prompted to enter your username/user ID in the connection pop up (for the other 150+ supported social networks).

Step C: Add your Profile Information:

1. Tap on the hamburger menu icon.
2. Tap on the Profile menu item.

3. Tap on the user icon to upload your avatar.

4. Tap on About then tap on the Pencil icon to edit your information.

5. You can also go to Settings to manage your other account settings, privacy, notifications and others.

Step D: Enjoy Your Baaz Experience!

1. Baazline: posts of your contacts from Baaz, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks. Comment, like, retweet, mention, post to Baaz,Twitter and share other posts to these networks.
2. Trending: most popular and latest stories from around the world. Filter stories by country and topic (such as politics, news, sports and others), follow and post in stories, share stories to Baaz and Twitter and much more.
3. Profile: your updates, links and photos from your connected social networks as well as a list of your Baaz friends.
4. Messages: your 1-on-1 and group conversations on Baaz. Share  and discuss posts and stories as messages to your Baaz friends in this section.

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