What are trending stories?

Trending stories are the collections of social media posts on the subjects that are currently most popular around the world.

Baaz offers a pioneering technology based on Natural Language Processing Technologies (NLP), which extracts the most relevant keywords from the user posts to signify the meaning of the posts. We have also developed an artificial intelligence technology, which analyzes posts from various social networks and assembles similar posts into “stories” that the user can follow and interact with. Our system also calculates popularity and relevance of the stories to bring you the most popular trending news from around the world.

Stories on Baaz can be filtered by country and topic, such as politics, business, sports, entertainment and others, allowing you to personalize trending stories with the news that spark you interest. Our NLP and artificial intelligence technologies have been developed for English and Arabic languages, but can be applied to other languages as well, which is in our future plans.

Our platform is focused on being politically neutral and democratic, and in providing news and information that is relevant, accurate and takes context into consideration.

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