How do I manage my privacy?

We recommend you to review your Privacy Settings regularly. You can view and adjust your privacy settings at any time. Also you can set privacy for your posts on connected social networks using Social Accounts settings.

To change your privacy settings:-

For Desktop

1. Go to Settings from the drop down menu under your avatar on the top right corner of Baaz page.
Go to your Profile page and click on the Edit Profile button at the bottom right corner of your cover image.
2. Click on Privacy tab:


3. Click on the required privacy option.


4. Click Save.

For Android:

1. Tap on hamburger menu icon .
2. Tap on Settings.

3. Tap on Privacy Settings.

4. Tap on your privacy option.

5. Tap on Done.

For IOS:

1. Tap on Profile in the bottom bar.

2. Tap on the Settings icon on the top right corner.
3. Tap on Privacy Settings:

4. Tap on the privacy option you require.

5. Tap on Done.

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