What is the Requirements to get the teal verification badge:

To get the verification teal badge, the users’ account must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Have a background cover image.
  • Have a profile image.
  • The account must contain a bio (Description) for their account.
  • The account must be public (Content is visible to everyone).
  • Providing a proof of identity and ownership for the account, such as: (Identity card, Driver's license, Passport, or Representatives).
  • Have a confirmed email address connected to their Baaz account
  • Confirming the phone number used for their Baaz account information.
  • The account must not have any clear reports of misuse or any violations for the rules and policies in Baaz.
  • Account must be active for at least 6 months before being applicable for the badge.
  • The number of followers / friends of the account must not be less than 10 thousand followers on Baaz.
  • The content added by the user should be of value and objective as the content will be evaluated by Baaz team.
  • Submit any public postings or websites that can help verify your identity (optional).

Note: For Baaz content creator programs may subject for other criteria non as listed above.

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