How Do I add a background color into a post?

Yes, you can add Background colored to your post :) , this feature allows your to color your post with the color you love and share it with your friends .

For Desktop:

1. Go to your Baazline page from the sticky menu on the left side of the page.

OR Click on Baaz logo on the top left of the page.

OR Go to your Profile page.

2. Click on Share what’s new.



3. Click on the Paint icon on the bottom left.

4. Choose the background.

5.  Type your post.

6. Click Post to Share. 

For Android:

1. Tap on the Pencil button on Baazline screen.
2. Type your post.


3. Tap on the Paint icon on the bottom left.

 4. Choose the background.  

5. Tap on Post.

For iOS:

1. Tap on Share what’s new icon in the bottom bar.

2. Type your post
3. Tap on the Paint icon.


 4. Choose the background.  

5. Tap on Post.

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