Save Post as Draft

As a Baaz User, you can send Invitations to your friends and family from the other Social Media Networks even from your contacts list on your mobile to come and join you here.
For now, the Invitations only can be sent through the Mobile APP for Android & iOS users.  

You can save your current post as a draft before you publish it on your baazline, and later you can return back to draft the post to edit and publish online.

For Android:

1. Tap on the Pencil button on Baazline screen.
2. Write your post.

3. Tap on the Back icon on the bottom left corner.
4. Select Save as Draft.

For IOS:

1. Tap on Share what’s new icon  in the bottom bar.
2. Write your post. 


3. Tap on the Back icon on the bottom left corner.  
4.Select Save as Draft.


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