How Do I verify my account using ID Verification?

To get the verification  badge, Baaz user must fulfill the following steps:

In Baazline a popup box message will appears about verification click on Verify Now!.


1- Tap on your avatar from in right down corner.

2- Go to Settings.


3- Tap on Verify your Account.

4- A wizard of verification process will start and guide you with the process which powered by ShuftiPro

5- Prove you Identity by Uploading your identity photo by select type of the document which depends on your country / region as:
  • Identity card
  • Passport.
  • Driving license
6- Tap on Start Now.

7- After reading all Photo requirements for how to capture ID Photo Click on Open Camera.

8- Capture the ID photo by click on Take Photo. 

9- After captured your ID photo and it is clear as required click on Continue.

10- Please wait while verifying your information.

11- Confirm your uploaded Document information and Click Next.

12- Capture your facial photo by click on Open Camera then click on Take Photo.

13- If your captured face photo matched with all required click on Continue.

14- Click on Proceed when your information successfully get verified.

15- Congratulation! You account verified.

  • If your verification process failed for a reason! you can Try Again and Start Over, or at any time you can contact our support Team and will help you.


Note: You should use the last version of Baaz application to start our new verification process, get last version update throw (Google play, App Store)

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