What's the New Baaz Studio?

Media editing apps are gaining lots of attraction from users, providing the user with tools to produce multi-media content that is creative, fun, catchy, and easy to create. These tools can be found in app format wither as stand-alone apps.

This is the new Baaz way to share your content which will enable the user to produce high-quality creative multimedia content. 
Provide editing tools to easily manipulate and rearrange images and videos to create new creative work, posting include tilting, color correction, filters, sound mixing, transitions between clips and many others. 
User can create a story (Text mode. Capture or upload up to 20 photo, capture or upload 1 min video).
User can select story privacy level.
Stories will be displayed on Baazline.

Baaz Provide Arabic centric tools that will attract and meet the needs of the Arabic user.  

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