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How Do I start my Reward program?

If your account is eligible to participate in Baaz Reward program, you are able to see the program message on your Baaz line page.

1- Tap on Agree after your read the Terms of Service. and Tap on Get Started.

2- Start share and invite your friends by your referral Code and aks them to used it in sign up process.

3-  Select how to share your invite and referral link.

4- At any time you can check your Credit and referral status from your profile by clicking on the referral program icon .

5- Once your credit is ready and allowed to claim Tap on Claim.

6- Fill in your Payoneer account information and Tap on the radio button to agree to the Terms of service.

7- Tap on Submit, then your claim request details will be sent to your registered Baaz profile email, and or Mobile number.


Note: Your claim will proceed within 30 days after submitting your request.

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